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Gül Construction from 1955 to the present time..

Gül Construction has been one of the leading companies in the construction sector with the construction and equipment experiences from the construction of roads, mosques, bridges, infrastructure and factory constructions, and public tenders.

Chairman of the Board

Yunus Emre Gül

Our Biggest Goal

is to contribute more to our country and to introduce our country and our flag to the world better.

Who is Yunus Emre Gül?

His father's name is Ahmet and his mother's name is Sunay. Yunus Emre Gül, who has a single sibling, has grown up in a family that has been in the construction sector since 1955. As someone who always wanted to be a construction contractor, he would go to his father's construction site in most of his elementary school days and even during summer holidays. Yunus Emre Gül, a young man who started to learn the profession in its foundation as a worker in the construction sector, became the chairman of the Board of the company in 2015, just after completing his 15-month military service. After being in charge of the management, he started to represent his company abroad. In 2017, he went to Qatar where he published many advertisements, organized dinners, opened offices and made significant efforts to contribute to the economy. He has achieved a significant success with sales amounting to 25 million pounds in a period of just 8 months. Very soon, they will start the construction in Qatar and open an office in Kuwait and implement another construction project there. Yunus Emre Gül, who continues his activities rapidly, also undertook the promotion of the sponsorship of the Qatar’s House which took part in ANTALYA EXPO.

Company History

İbrahim Gül, the founder of the company, is Yunus Emre Gül's grandfather. Gül construction, which started operating in construction sector in 1955, carried out construction projects from Afyon Sugar Factory to Presidential walls, bridges, roads and mosques in many cities. Later on, Ahmet Gül, the second generation, completed many projects such as villa residences, housing complexes, and shopping centers in cities such as Bodrum, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Ankara. Currently, Yunus Emre Gül, the chairman of the Board of the Company since 2015, the third generation, continues operating in construction sector with his domestic and international projects at full speed.


We can list the projects completed by Yunus Emre Gül in 6 years as follows: Rose Garden (Beylikdüzü), Samarkand Houses (Bahçeşehir), Kavaklı Konakları (Beylikdüzü). He also continues his works for the villa and hotel project that will be built very soon in Qatar and the tower project in Kuwait.

Company’s Goals

For Gül Construction, which has achieved a significant success by building in different parts of Turkey for years, the target of the chairman of the board, Yunus Emre Gul, is now abroad. With the goal of starting the construction in Qatar and Kuwait soon, and contributing significantly to the economy of our country from abroad, Yunus Emre Gül's basic goal is to represent Turkey and wave the Turkish flag in at least 10 countries by taking substantial steps about it.


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